“Nicole has been my personal trainer for a few weeks now, and I love working with her every week. She puts together a tough, but fun, workout for me, and I actually look forward to each session. My motivation to work out and get in shape has increased since meeting and working with Nicole. She’s great!!”

Anonymous – April 28, 2013

Nicole is a terrific trainer, and a pleasant, fun person to spend time with. I trained with her almost every week for nine months, and she’s fundamentally changed the way I approach exercise.

Nicole’s many skills, both as a yoga teacher and personal trainer, make her flexible and adaptable.

She encouraged me to push myself, and never seemed to mind if I made faces at her while we were working on something I found hard. But, she was also quick to recognize if I needed a different kind of workout on a particular day, and would suggest that we, for example, focus on stretching, or do some yoga.

She’s also a creative trainer. I have cranky joints and poor balance, and there are just some things I can’t do. Nicole was always coming up with new exercises to try so I was getting the most out of my workouts.

No workout with Nicole was ever the same. She keeps exercise fun and interesting. We did everything from boxing (she has gloves for that) to skipping up and down the street in front of my house. She has lots of interesting exercise equipment–everything from a medicine ball to a Pilates ring–and you never quite know what she’ll pull out of her bag next.

I always felt supported during my sessions with Nicole. She respected my decision to focus on getting stronger and not worrying so much about losing weight. She responded enthusiastically when I shared what I was doing for exercise outside of our sessions. She was caring, but not intrussive, if it looked like I was having a bad day, and, on bad days, I always felt at least a little better after our session. I also knew she was always available if I had a question about how to do an exercise.

I’m so much stronger now than when I started with Nicole, and so much more focused in my approach to exercise. Nicole gave me the tools I needed to work out on my own, and the confidence in my own body to use those tools.

Thanks Nicole!”

Robin M.

“Nicole is amazing. Her credentials say she is a certified fitness trainer and yoga instructor, and she is every bit of that. She is a master of her crafts. But she is way more. She is a coach, confidant, motivator, and most of all, a gifted healer. As a physician, I know a healer when I encounter one. I feel so blessed to have invited Nicole to help me with my journey. After just a few weeks of being tortured by Nicole (nobody says health and fitness are easy) I am in my best shape in years. If I learn some of her amazing communication and motivational skills, she may make me a better doctor as well.”

William N. – December 17, 2014

“I’ve only just started working with Nicole, but in just a couple of weeks, I’m already noticing differences in my body. She makes me work hard, but we have fun doing it!”

Margaret B. – December 14, 2014

Nicole is outstanding! My goal through (in home) fitness was to not necessarily drop pounds, but inches and feel healthy! Nicole is motivating, takes no excuses, pushed me further than I thought I could go and did it with a smile. Nicole is in amazing shape serving as a role model while reinforcing form and a mind/body approach to wellness. It is with no reservation that I recommend Nicole as a personal trainer.

Candace T. – October 12, 2014

Nicole is a great trainer!  She comes to our house and works with both my husband and me.  We are in our early 60’s and our motivation in working with Nicole is to improve our fitness and stamina.  We have some workout equipment but she brings any additional items that are needed.  The workouts are always challenging and customized to our needs.  She always makes sure that our alignment is correct. Nicole arrives on time for every session and pushes us to do our best.  We have fun but work hard.  We highly recommend her as a trainer.

Julie M. -October 29, 2015

I was looking for a personal trainer to come to my gym in the Apartment building.  My objectives in hiring her were to get back into shape, lose some weight, increase my strength, and force me to stick to a regime!  I originally hired Nicole for a twelve session block

Nicole came prepared with a program designed for someone my age.  She quickly adjusted in the next session when she realized that I was looking to be more challenged and has adjusted accordingly throughout the sessions.  When I experienced a knee problem, she correctly diagnosed it as a hip issue and spent several sessions helping me strengthen my hip.  The knee issue went away.  When I experienced sacroiliitis (an inflammation of the sacroiliac), she did reams of research in order to determine the correct exercises to help and not exacerbate the problem.  Well above the requirements of the job!

I spend a great deal of time in the car and I play a lot of golf. She understood right away when I needed to do yoga and when I needed a complete workout, based on my activity level.  Nicole is definitely a holistic trainer.

I have since re-upped for 24 more sessions, and as a direct result of Nicole’s skill and attention to detail, I am stronger and more flexible than I’ve been for years and I’m hitting the golf ball much further, which is a significant side benefit.

I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Jane F. – January 2016