Fitness Programs


If you are looking to take your practice to a deeper level, or if you are an absolute beginner and unsure about stepping foot in a yoga studio I am here to help you along your journey. I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor, who has taken 200 hours of training, or RYT-200. We delve into strengthening and lengthening your muscles all the while creating and improving your flexibility.  Your breath is a very important part of your yoga practice, we will work on incorporating your breath with each yoga pose. I also provide courses in instructor led beginning meditation.

If you do not have a yoga mat I can supply one, I will bring blocks and straps.


I travel to your home, office or apartment gym, most commercial gyms do not allow outside trainers to work in their facility. Ask your gym what their policy is. I provide all equipment necessary for a sweaty, hard workout. Some of the equipment I provide are stability balls, Bosu, boxing gloves, weights, TRX, sandbags and the list goes on. Every workout is creative, challenging and based on your goals. No workout will ever be the same. Personal Training should be exactly that, and that is what my promise to you. You will receive personalized attention from me not just during your workout sessions but beyond your workouts with me. I will provide you with workouts or “homework” to do when you do not have sessions with me or if travel for business, I will provide you with workouts you can easily do in your hotel room or hotel gym. I am always accessible via email, text or phone, if you have questions about an exercise, nutritional questions, in need of motivation, you name it, I am there for YOU!

What To Expect From Your Session:

Before beginning your first training session, I will talk on the phone and meet face to face to discuss your goals, any existing health issues or injuries and nutrition based questions, this helps me design a workout program just for you.



Spring and Summer I lead a running group for beginners and intermediate runners.  Whether you are looking to run your first 5K or 10K or better your race time I will help you achieve your goal. The training program is based on Hal Higdon’s run/walk methodology. You might just find yourself passing that runner who blew by you at mile 4 utilizing this methodology. We run together one weeknight a week and 1 weekend morning. I will provide you with a written training program that will safely train you all the way up to the final week before your race. The routes will change and on the weekend runs occasionally we will do trail runs and venture into DC, for a sunrise run on the Mall and go have breakfast afterward. It is all about having fun, enjoying the run while at the same time reaching your goal. I will supply post run goodies after our longer runs.





I offer specialized training for seniors, as an NASM Senior Fitness Specialist I provide the tools for you to stay strong, build and maintain a healthy bone mass to prevent or halt an increase in osteoporosis, we work together on balance and stability to navigate tricky walkways, stairs and inclement weather. I will provide fitness and yoga programs that will help with common issues such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, recovery from heart surgery, high blood pressure and cholesterol. A 5% discount is provided to all seniors (65 years of age and older) who train with Prajna Fitness.



Does your company have an end goal of healthier and happier employees?  Then the company and the employees must work together to accomplish this goal.  Prajna Fitness empowers your employees to change their lives, building not only physical strength but emotional strength as well.  We listen to your needs, providing guidance, engagement, motivation and of course, make it a fun way to become healthy.  Team building emboldens a healthier work environment, strengthening the bond between employees and the employer.   Nicole will sit down with you and to go over your company’s needs based on your wellness programs, helping you to set up incentives, goals and programs based on employee needs.  All classes  will be led directly by Nicole.
Offering a selection of programs:  Outdoor Running, Team Building Workouts, Yoga Classes, Boot Camp style workouts.

Please contact Nicole: Nicole@PrajnaFitness.com or 202.550.4851 for more information and to schedule a meeting.



Pregnancy and Parenthood is an exciting time in your life, but along with that excitement comes exhaustion, physical changes and stress. Dealing with the hormonal imbalances, physical and mental fatigue can put a strain on any mom to be or new mom. Maintaining strength and nutrition during and post pregnancy will help you alleviate pregnancy related discomfort.

Please contact Nicole for pricing.


Nicole will work with you to help you enjoy your pregnancy, by providing you with exercises that will energize and strengthen your body, working on a good amount of core work, leg and upper body strengthening. Core work will be a must to help prevent diastasis recti. Diastasis recti is an abdominal separation that causes your belly to stick out or give you belly pooch post pregnancy. The reason for this is the space between your left and right abdominals have widened. This occurs in nearly two-thirds of pregnant women. Pre-natal yoga will also be a part of your package, learning how to breathe properly is something we sometimes forget about, but during gentle yoga poses and meditation your breath will become an integral part of your day to day without even thinking about it, not only calming your mind but strengthening your body, preparing it for the new life growing inside of you.


You have been carrying around that little someone or more than one little someone now for 9 months and your body has been pushed and pulled in all directions. It is now time for you take back your body and make it strong. If you have been training with me during your pregnancy we will continue to build onto the strong foundation you built during your pregnancy but I will slowly begin incorporating more cardiovascular exercises and weight training that you were not able to do the last 2 trimesters of your pregnancy. If you were not training with me, not to worry as we will work together as a team to regain your strength, increase and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Again, yoga will be a great accompaniment to your strength training, helping you deal with the late nights, lack of sleep and stress you may feel on a daily basis. If you are open to meditation, I will also be happy to integrate meditation in all or some of your sessions.